Khan Academy

Teachers Guide Students to Use Interactive Digital Tools


  • K-12
  • All content areas, especially Math, Science, Computer Science, and SAT Test Prep


  • 1-to-1 devices (keyboard entry preferable)
  • Scratch paper
  • Growth mindset!
You Can Learn Anything


  • Refer students to content-related tutorial videos (101)
  • Give students access to a personalized plan for SAT Test Prep (101/201)
  • Lead students in practicing over 1000 unique skills in math and science (201/301)
  • Guide students in practicing computer programming on a variety of platforms and computer coding languages (201/301)
Student ownership of learning in my classroom
How I use Khan Academy data


  • Level 1: Have students "level up" particular age-appropriate math skills
  • Level 2: Create a class and monitor progress with official SAT Test Prep materials in Khan Academy
  • Level 3: Create a class and monitor progress in math skills over the course of a semester, using the plethora of data provided through Khan Academy to appropriately differentiate teacher assistance