Web 2.0 Tools Reflection

Kristi Stalter

Using FlipSnack

I used FlipSnack as my curation reflection tool. I had heard that it was similar to making a Shutterfly book but was published online instead of getting a physical book in the mail. One of the main features is that it converts PDF files into flipping books. They can then be inserted into a webpage as a flash widget. Since I do not use PDF files, I used it as more of an interactive whiteboard.

In my classroom, I can see myself scanning student work and putting it into a Flipbook that I email out to parents.They can “flip” the pages by dragging and that is one of the great features of it ! Older students could use it to give interactive presentations. I am also going to use it in the Fall for our open house. I can see myself getting carried away with flipping the pages though:)

5 Essential Questions

I asked myself five questions while exploring:

1. Would I be able to model for my students how to use this in a simplified matter while still being able to use most of the features?

2.Could it be differentiated?

3.Would there be a benefit or enhance their learning by adding this to my lesson?

4.Could I develop a way to evaluate the assignment or project using this tool?

5.Would the students be able to share their creations with the class?

Steps to evaluating "The Tools"

When I first went to a presentation on different Web 2.0 tools, they were presented as a way to teach curriculum content, store data, create/edit video, edit photos, collaborate and so much more. It is definitely overwhelming looking through so many of these tools but it was great to have a reason to do it! The one thing that I needed to remember while evaluating these tools was that it’s not about the specific tools themselves that we use with students, but why, and when the tool is needed.

1. The first thing that I looked for was the cost. I skipped over the ones that required you to have a paid subscription. I also skipped ones that did not provide an easy tutorial or video to explain how to use it. I can usually pick things up quickly but having a quick video on the front page is a must. Once I viewed the video, I had to think about if it would be as simple for others to use as it was for me.

2.The second step was for me to decide if it would be beneficial for my students. I want the integration of the technology to be effective with what I am teaching and be a support piece. I also did not want to spend most of my class time explaining how to use it. I had to look at it from an elementary school perspective instead of a teacher perspective. I was very easily able to decide if it would work as a tool for me but I wanted to focus mainly on the tools I could use that involved my students creating with me.

3. After I was able to answer yes to my five questions, I moved on to the third step. This step was my favorite…exploring it. I went through them and added some content just to see how it worked. A few of them I was already familiar with but needed to brush up on the navigation of the tool. Voki was by far my favorite. I created some custom avatars and had them go over the daily schedule with my students. They immediately wanted to try it out.

Other Curation Tools that I love

Remind 101 and Classdojo- behavior system and way to communicate/text with students and parents.

Tagxedo- I use this all the time with my second graders. I would have included this but wanted to try ones that I hadn’t used before.

Prezi-Another great presentation tool that I use frequently.

Flickr-This is a photo sharing site that has any picture you would want. You can get graphics and photos that are good for presentations (remember to cite them).

GoogleDocs- Sharing presentations and notes in a cloud system.

Museum Box- A fun interactive way to show part of history in a box. Kids love customizing this one. There is a trial version of this otherwise you do have to pay.

Schoology- Has a similar layout to Edmodo or facebook so it would make it easier for teachers and students to jump right into it.

I did not find many tools that I did not like. It just depended on if it took a while to navigate the site.