What is a Watershed?

By Deshawnna Exilus and Nicole Aguilera

Watershed Defintion

A watershed is the area of land where all water running off the land drains to a particular location. This location can be a stream, river, lake, wetland or ocean. No matter where you live, work, or play, you are in a watershed. A watershed can be millions of square miles (like the watershed for the Mississippi River) to a few acres (like the watershed of a farm pond).

Information on the Rahway River Watershed

The Rahway River is one of the oldest areas in the State of New Jersey.It stretches from Edison Township to the Oranges of Essex County.The Rahway River is about 24 miles long.The Rahway River includes four district branches.We live in the East Branch.The East Branch that starts in West Orange and Montclair then travels to South Orange and Maplewood.

Pollution In Our River

Pollution Tolerant and Non-Tolerant bugs

How to determine if your watershed is healthy

  • Check the water color.The quality of the water has a big impact on the health of stream.
  • Check the stream temperature.The temperature of the stream changes throughout the year because of the seasons.
  • Check the riffles in the stream.
  • Check the steam bank erosion.Steam Bank Erosion is when the sides of a running streams collide into the moving water below.
  • Check the Fish Shelter.Trees hanging over 50% of the stream provide good habitat for fish but less than 50% is a fair or poor habitat.
  • Check the algae color because hairy algae means that you have poor water quality.
  • Check the foam.Foam in a stream can be natural or human caused.

River Day

Come to River Day Sunday May 3rd, at 11am-4pm