Cold to Heat,there's electricity!

Made by:Rizwanul Haque


My problem was which metal duo can create the most voltage,copper aluminum,Copper Zinc,Alumminum zinc.


I think that Alumminum & zinc pair will have the most voltage or generate most electricity becuase Alumminum and zinc have lots of valence electrons and that it has the highest ratio of electron donor/acceptor than any other pair.


Independent variable: the metal itself

Dependent variable: how much voltage it generates

Controlled variable: the temperature and size difference


Metals(Zinc,copper,and Alumminum),ice,candles,volt meter,alligator clips,rubber band,insulators,and weights(or anything that can put weight on wires).


Step 1. Add the Alligator clips to the metals left side top left.Right side top right.Step 2.Add the rubber bands to clips to keep them from separating.Then,get a candle and light that up and put the metal on the candle.Step 4. Get the Volt meter probes and attach the wires to the volt meter.Then get a ice cube and put that on the metal.Step 5. Start by putting the probes to the metals.Step 6. Repeat steps 1-5 and record for each trial.


The Alumminum and Zinc pair had the most voltage majority of the time.The other two pairs had lower voltages throughout the expiement.And that had more zeros than any other pair.The temprature difference caused a change in voltages too.

Examples of the valence Electrons


My hypothesis was correct.The Alumminum and zinc pair have had the most voltage throughout the experiment and that that pair has the biggest electron donor/acceptor ratio of valence electrons.If I were to fo this experiment again,I would use more materials so more metals and have a bigger setup which would be more dangerous and fun.