Starbucks and Mythology?

Who is the Siren?

Starbucks Mythology Connection

So you probably read my title and you are most likely thinking "What is she talking about since when does mythology connect with Starbucks?" Well I am sure that is normal when thinking of my title, but have you ever thought about Starbucks logo?

In this picture that I have pasted above what do you notice? If you think she looks half human and half creature. If you thought of this you are absolutley correct! Now you see this half human and half creature is known as a siren in greek mythology. Sirens were known at first as half women and half bird, but as years advanced sirens were recognized as half women and half fish just like Starbucks logo. In greek mythology Sirens objective was to seduce the seagoing mariners with their irristible music as shown above in the picture. By this picture and summary you can tell that sirens are irristible people you can't possibly ignore. Hey! irristible and possibly not able to ignore well doesn't that perfectly match to Starbucks! Starbucks purpose with this siren logo was and still is to promote their high quality fetching coffee and refreshments. Based on these images and brief information I have personally enjoyed learning the history Starbucks and its logo, but most importantly I also hope you have learned something new yourself!