From community college to the ABA

By Nicholas Crispino

Get to know a little about Paul Crispino

Growing up poor with a fairly large family, Paul Crispino probably did not expect to receive a good education and good job. However, he grew up and become a prominent tax lawyer. After high school, Paul Crispino did not want to do anything with his life. Therefore, he went to community college. During community college, Paul Crispino discovered that he wanted to do something with his life, something he loved: accounting. Following college and law school, Paul Crispino got a job in the US Treasury Department. He also worked at GE after many years of working in the government. As of now, Paul Crispino is working at a CPA firm called Deloitte. He is also the chair of the Foreign Activities of US Taxpayers Commitee in the American Bar Association (the ABA), an organization setting standards for lawyers every day. Please listen to this unique and heartwarming story about the amazing man, my uncle, Paul Crispino.
Now that you know about my personal hero, you might want to know what a hero is to me. Click below to see my essay defining a hero.
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What is working in the government like? Are government jobs bad or good?

Working in the government for a few years, Paul Crispino is knowledgeable about government benefits. However, I did not know anything about government jobs compared to jobs in businesses (private sector jobs). Because of my limited knowledge about government jobs, I desired to learn more. I researched the benefits of government jobs, allowing me to figure out why my uncle stayed and decided to work for the government for a number of years. Click below to learn more as I explore government jobs and the benefits of them.
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