The Columbus Exchange

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What is the Columbus Exchange

The Columbus Exchange is something that the Europe trade something with Americans and the Americans trade with the Europe. It's called Columbus Exchange because Columbus was the first to Exchange with a Native Americans.

Reasons Why the Columbus Exchange was important and Why it's not important.

1. It's important because with out the Exchange, we wouldn't have Cattle, Sheep, Horse, and other food and animals.

2. It's important because we can see what the people in the old days has been eating and in the old days, they has potatoes, but they didn't made Potato Chips.

3. Also it's important because we can try out other food from different places.

1. It's not important because when sometimes something exchange, diseases come with the thing.

2. It's not important because maybe when a animal come over to Europe then to america, it may overpopulation america.

3. It's not important because sometimes the food may have a mole on it and that bad.

Things that been Exchange.