Nathan Explosion For President

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Nathan For President

Nathan Explosion single handedly made heavy metal the national music genre! Nathan exposition is the former Governor of Florida and he is ready to govern the USA and soon the world, with the help of his band mates, Pickles, William, Skwisgaar, and Toki the dethklok crew.

Gene Simon's is voting for Nathan!

Gene Simons single handedly made rock popular in 1972, so obviously, he knows who you should vote for!

Skwisgaar Skwigelf is voting for Nathan

"yes, I votes for Nathan, he's be goods president!" In his own words! Skwisgaar is from Sweden and its proven they have that foreign intuition on who the best president would be.


Will do a free consert in all 50 states if you all vote with them for Nathan Explosion!

Nathans quotes.

"one thing we all have in common, is we're all going to die" -Nathan uniting us as a people!

"What am I supposed to be saying? What am I supposed to be saying? Hey, what am I supposed to be...oh right right right. That governor guy, he said I shouldn't have a holiday or something? i should have a holiday!" - Nathan Giving us more national holidays!

Propaganda? Never!

People might say we use using endorsement but i promise these are incredibly legitimate to your choice of president. If we used endorsement, then you would be seeing Albert Einstein! If Albert was still alive I'm sure he would be voting for Nathan because he is REALLY smart.