Tycho Brahe

The father of observational Astronomy


Tycho Brahe was kidnapped by his uncle( when he was 2. At 13 Tycho went to the University of Copenhagen for rhetoric and philosophy,but he was frustrated with the fact that he loved astronomy. When he was 14 he would buy astronomy books and star charts, and he would stay up at night staring at the star and reading his books. Of all of Tycho's family members his uncle Steen Bille was the only one who approved of his addiction of astronomy.


Tycho Brahe had pretty amazing achievements. He saw the complete process of a supernova over a period of 40 years. He discovered that comets move in between planets and do not lie within the earths atmosphere. He created the perfect research area on his island of hven complete with a laboratory, library, and platforms for observing the sky.

Impact on today

Tycho made observing the stars without a telescope look really easy and thanks to him he gave us discoveries. Tycho discovered a new bright star in the constellation of Cassiopeia. He constructed the astrolabe and the armillary sphere. He provided crucial information for Johannes Kepler (assistant) to make a discovery of the shape of the planetary motion.

Interesting Facts