Summer Lovin .

Tiana Osgood

Tennessee .

Me and my sister went to a family Reunion in Tennessee with my dad it was really fun we went canoeing and bike riding on trails, and that was hard because there was some steep hill most of them i had to walk up and it was really hot. I met new people i didn't even know them my dad was adopted so his family was from a different area, so i never got to meet them there actually very interesting because i got to learn about there religion.

Waukesha .

I live in Milwaukee but this summer i went to waukesha every weekend because i have friends down there it was so much fun because i went to Friday night live its a place were us teens walk around downtown. I also went to party's like sweet 16's and quince's. one night we went to Carroll collage to run around the track and i ran it three times without stopping that was a really good feeling.

Florida .

Every year we go to Floridia to visit my grandpa when we go we go to Disney land and go to the castle at night is so pretty because it has lights and puts on shows with mickey mouse characters. we also go on rides like little nemo were it feels like your swimming in the sea and your sitting on a shell, or peter pan when your on cap-tins hook pirate shit and your flying. Then we go to my grandpas i don't really know where but he lives on a beach were there lots of sea shells.

Growing up .

i learned one thing this summer which is don't rush to be who you wanna be i wanna be successful and made my last year at Wisconsin hills good because of my past in 7th and 6th. i'm now just starting to get to know my self actually because i never got the time to like i said because of my past my goal this year is to get a's and b's and not fail.