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September 2014

What a start!

Hi everyone! I cannot thank you enough for helping get this year going on the right foot. The kids are coming in with smiles on their faces, an eagerness to pick just right books, and motivation to be better readers! Also, thank you for making me feel welcome to your teams so that I can collaborate as much as possible with you and get our kids to the next level by using technology and project (problem) based learning.

So much awesome learning is going on! Check out a few projects that we have done together.

Kindergarten 5 Senses Project:

Kindergarten and 5 Senses

Mrs. Kelly-Cooper's Class- Scientific Method Trailer

The Scientific Method

Come learn how to check in and check out books!

We have the 2nd scanner up and running at the circulation desk. Stop by some time when you pick up your class, in the morning, or after school and I will show you how to check out your own books.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

I am here to lead, co-teach, or support Project Based Learning practices in our school. Project based learning is student driven learning where students are leading their learning. One way to start is by having the kids list a set of questions about a topic they are interested in. I usually start by having the kids list 10 questions on chart paper. This will help narrow down the topic the kids will end up doing research on and coming up with a culminating activity.

Book Order Coming Soon!

We were able to order over 600 new titles for our library! I picked most titles based off of mentor texts from the Units of Study lists. I can't wait to open up those boxes and get the books out on the shelves. Thanks for your input!

New Apps!

Upcoming Book Fair

  • Our 1st Book Fair of the year is October 16-22nd. Students will shop during library time and the fair will be open during parent/teacher conferences.
  • Books and Bagels will be on Thursday October 16th at 8 a.m. in the library. This is your chance to browse the fair and make a wish list for students to choose from. Also, enjoy some breakfast treats while you browse!