Latin American Leader Independence

Maddie Lick

Middle America Leader - Jean Jaques Dessalines

Dessalines was born in Guniea, Africa.

His date of birth was September 2, 1758

Died on October 17, 1806

When he was younger he was a slave but then became the Emperor of Haiti and then helped gain Haitis' independence.

Dessalines was the one to give Haiti the name.

On January 1st 1803 was when Haiti got their Independence. Haiti wanted its Independence because it had gone through the worst of the slavery.

3 things that Dessalines did was:

1. He was the first person to become successful with the slave rebellion.

2. He wanted all the French to die

3. Sided with the French but then switched over because the French believed in slavery

The National Anthem of Haiti was named after Dessalines. "The Dessalines song"

South America Leader - Simon Bolivar

Bolivar was born in Caracas, Venezuela

Born on July 24, 1783

Died on December 17, 1830

He had Aristocratic Parents.

Bolivar managed to help many different countries get their independence such as Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

In his honor towns have been named after him.

3 things that Simon Bolivar did to help were:

1. Started a successful military campaign

2. started to try to take back Venezuela back from the Spanish

3. More campaigns to help gain mostly Venezuela and Ecuador complete independence.