Michael Dell

The creator of Dell


Michael Dell was known for being very shy. His wife said that he really came out of his shell when he started his business. He also has a very competitive attitude towards competing with other businesses. He knew that the technology business was going to be tough, but he still got into the game and came out on top. Dell also has a very positive attitude towards mishaps. When there was a safety concern concerning one of the companies products after he stepped down for CEO, he returned with a posotive attitude and helped his compnay become better.

Becoming a Successful Business Man

Michael Dell became very successful because he got into the game early. His business was founded in 1984 when there was still competition, but not as much as there is now. He also created his products so that they would be high quality, but still have a cheaper price than their competitors.


Dell hasn't gotten much media covergae lately, but when he took his company back and made it private it was a big splash. The Wall Stree Journal wrote an article about it.