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More Clarification!

We have been hearing that parents would like more information on what is going on in math in 3rd grade. We have also been receiving requests for ways in which parents can help aid students at home when it comes to math.

To accomplish this we will be sending out a weekly math and science newsletter to keep parents updated on what we are specifically focusing on and ways parents can help at home if needed.

We hope you find this helpful. If you ever have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you!

Math- Addition and Subtraction with Data Analysis

Learning Targets We are Currently Focusing On:

  • solve one-step and two-step addition/subtraction problems based on place value.

  • solve one-step and two-step addition/subtraction problems using properties of operations.

  • solve one-step and two-step addition/subtraction problems using the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Check Out Your Child's Math Workshop Google Classroom!

If you would like to see some assignments and math strategies we are working on, have your student show you our Math Workshop Google Classroom! This is an opportunity to ask your students about what they are learning and have a math talk discussion!

Fluency in Math Computation! Understanding and Practice is KEY!

We are currently working on addition and subtraction strategies . We are also moving into understanding word problems and using those strategies to solve the word problems. Having strong knowledge of math facts will help students become more efficient in working in this area.

There has been a shift away from rote memorization of math facts and toward a strategy-based approach for learning math facts. There’s a big difference between memorizing and understanding. Sure, we want students to have automaticity with their facts, but we want that fluency to be rooted in number sense–an understanding of how numbers are related.

Ways to Increase Math Computational Fluency- Addition & Subtraction

  • Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20- Increasing fact fluency up to 20 will ultimately increase their efficiency in addition and subtraction up to the 1,000s which is what they go up to in 3rd grade.

*XtraMath-app on student iPad

*Quizlet- Create an account and create flash cards

*Traditional Flash Cards-perfect for on the go times

*Work on Fact Families/Related Facts

*Pet Bingo-app on student iPad

*Roll and Race Addition and Subtraction Game-can accommodate as needed!

*Math Geek Mama-Number Detectives Game

Below you will find strategies we have taught for major concepts up to this point!

We go up to the hundred thousands for place value!

Big picture
Big picture

We round to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100!

Big picture
Big picture

Science-Structures and Functions/Life Cycles

Learning Targets We are Currently Focusing On:

  • I can explore how structures and functions of plants and animals allow them to survive in a particular environment

  • I can investigate how animals (frogs) undergo a series of orderly changes in their life cycle

  • I can investigate how plants undergo a series of orderly changes in their life cycle

  • I can compare how animals and plants undergo a series of orderly changes in their diverse life cycles

Check Out Your Child's Science Workshop Google Classroom!

You can also check out what we are working on in class by checking out your student's Science Workshop Google Classroom!