Last Shot

Author;John feinstein By: Kyler Carrasco and Felipe Leyva

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It talked about how Steven Thomas went to alot of basketball games when he was little.

Stevie won a writing contest on basketball and he talked about how he went to watch games to inspire him.

Summary, conflict, and fulfilling role

Steven Thomas loves to write about basketball. One day he sees a sign about a writing contest. He started writing the paper the next day, when he finished he turned it in not knowing what would happen next. Steven found out that he won the writing contest, but he wasn't the only winner Susan Carol has also won too. They would have to work together and be partners. Steven and Susan over hear someone telling MSU's star point guard he better lose the game or else. They might have to be detectives in this sort of situation. Steven and Susan find their selves in some sort of suite they are in big trouble.

CONFLICT: Man vs. Society

Steven vs. blackmailers, fans, and reporters

Is the conflict resolved? If so how?/ Does the main caracter change? If so, how?

Yes the conflict was resolved, Steve Jurgensen set Carol and Stevie free from the duct tape, and then he dragged Gary, who is main conflict, to the couch and teped him to it.

Yes, at first he was focused on only writing, and later he kinda turns into a spy who tries to figure out whose blackmailing.