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Remind is a free communication platform built for teachers.

Remind allows teachers to safely and efficiently communicate with students & parents about important classroom information and school activities. Participants sign up as a student or parent and choose to receive messages by text, email, or in our app.

We know that privacy and security are important issues when dealing with teacher-to-student and teacher-to-parent communication. We have worked hand in hand with administrators and teachers to design key product features based on those concerns.

No exchange of personal information: Remind messages are not sent from personal cell phone numbers. Students/parents who sign up to get messages through Remind do not gain access to a teacher's personal cell phone number, nor will the teacher ever have access to a student or parent’s personal information. (Students and parents opt themselves into messages.)

Logged communication history: A log of all announcements and chat history are saved in the teacher's account and on our server. These messages can not be edited or deleted. This means an accurate log of communication history will always be at your fingertips should anyone question the content that you have or have not sent, and the message history is easily available for export.

Teachers have been seeing huge benefits from adding text messaging into their teaching strategy. We see increases in homework completion, improved test scores, class participation, parent involvement, and overall student motivation on a regular basis.

GradeCam Overview [HD]


GradeCam Cheat Sheet

1. Importing students in to GradeCam

  • Log into Gradespeed
  • Click on Reports
  • Click on Failure Reports
  • Fill in 0 and select above
  • Click on generate report
  • Click Save to excel
  • Excel document will open)
  • Delete column ghij and cde
  • Custom Sort (class period, last name)
  • Then copy and paste each class into a new sheet using the tab at the bottom
  • Save class each time you make a new sheet

2. Create a GradeCam account

  • Then click on classes
  • Click on add class
  • Fill in required fields
  • Click Import students(must be done in chrome
  • Check roster
  • Then click next,next submit
  • Class is create
  • 3. Importing your grades to grade speed
  • Copy from gradecam help

Happy Grading!!!!!