Madras Elementary School

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Madras Elementary Eagles,

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Please let your teachers know how much you miss them and love them. Below is an idea for each day this week to express virtual appreciation for the hard working, impactful teachers at Madras Elementary.

May 4th: Notes (Text Message/Email) to your teacher to let them how much you appreciate them.

May 5th: Thoughtful Tuesday -- My favorite thing about my teacher is.... then upload on Seesaw/Google Classroom

May 6th: Favorite Memory -- Share your favorite classroom memory from this school year through Seesaw or Google Classroom

May 7th: Draw a picture of your teacher and thank them for the hard work they do for you, then upload on Seesaw or Google Classroom

May 8th: Missing You -- What is the biggest thing you miss about your teacher? (Email/Text/Seesaw/Google Classroom)

Be well!

-Mr. Wyland