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What is Mobile Learning? How does it work?

Mobile Learning is portable computing devices with wireless networks that allow mobility to be extended beyond a traditional classroom. These devices can be characterized as iPads, tablets, laptops, tablet PCs, PDA's and smartphones. Mobile Learning provides teachers with flexibility and extends new opportunities for interaction within and outside of the classroom.
Mobile Learning: Mobile Tech in the Classroom

What are the Educational Purposes of Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning is being incorporated in classrooms all over the world to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. In today's digital society, students must interact with technology in order to become successful and literate members. Mobile learning provides students with greater access to learning materials and information, allows for communication and collaboration among students, enables students to learn in their own unique way, and assists students with learning disabilities. Although mobile devices were once deemed a distraction in schools, they have become educational tools.

"There is no surprise that young people want to employ mobile devices to make education more engaging and personalize it to their needs."

Statistics and Data on Moblile Learning in Schools

Only 8% of students in Elementary Schools carry a smart device with them to school. This percentage increases as students get older. 28% of students at a middle school level carry a smart device with them to school where as in High School, 51% of students carry these devices. These numbers will only continue to increase as time goes on. Only 17% of classrooms require the use of mobile devices, however, this number will also increase in the near future.

Take a look below at the percentages of parent feedback. Look how high those numbers are in the younger grades! It seems obvious that the use of mobile devices in schools promote for learning benefits. In every category, the schools that require these devices see 80% or more benefit!

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