Power group Thinking

by Logan, Abby, Maryann, and Nevada

Abby: Voki

This voki explain the culture and the way society is ran. Also demonstrates what its like in the country.


Maryann: Thing Link

For my project I did the language section of the story. And i focused on words that heal, hurt, and words that inspire. And I noticed that some words like equal can both hurt and heal. Because its great when everyone is equal but its not great when everyone is exactly the same and cant show how special they are.


Logan: Wordle

I created a wordle because I made it feel like I described the population and the very little diversity in the story.
Big image

Nevada: Thing Link

In my project I showed how in every government in the modern day and even in what the future could be, they all have similarities. They all want everyone to be equal.