Reading & Research

Adventures in the Lola Viets Library


Get Happy at your library! In the WHS Library, we celebrated School Library Week in a big way. From "Get Caught Reading" rewards to our first annual Viking Tournament, we are striving to create a positive library vibe, encouraging students to utilize library resources for reading and research. "Strong school libraries build strong students" (AASL).

Get Happy!

It has been a difficult month (okay, to be honest...a few years) for Kansas teachers, drastic legislative impact to our employment, low budgets, curricular modifications, the list goes on...

To combat the negativity, WHS has decided to show the world that there is JOY in our schools. As you probably know, happiness is contagious. If we can relay joy for teaching, our students will have excitement in learning. Watch the video and enjoy!

Thank you Pharrell Williams (artist) for encouraging this fair use of your music!


Are you annoyed with the amount of extra things on YouTube pages? Have unfortunate "like" videos show up next to the video you want to show your class? Simplify it with ViewPure. Just copy the YouTube link and paste into the ViewPure bar to view your video without all of the distractions.

Research Gaps...What is a Scholarly Journal?

In my observation of students completing research projects in the library, I have noticed some confusion on what is considered 'scholarly/published' work. Though students are accessing scholarly articles through our online databases, they don't understand the difference between these articles and general un-reviewed web sources.

While many of us had to research the "old-fashioned" way by finding the articles in the actual printed journal, today's students often don't understand the concept of an academic publication, the publication process, or even what peer-reviewed means. Very few students even have seen an academic journal.

The academic librarians at Southwestern College have generously offered to provide copies of scholarly journals to give students a tactical tool to understand scholarly work. I have a 30 minute lesson plan ready for your class if you would like to schedule time in the library to cover this missing gap.