Finals are here, are you ready?

Why should I be prepared for finals?

Being prepared for your final assessments in a class is huge, not knowing pertinent information could be deadly to your test score. You want to be set and ready to go for when that test is given, and not studying before hand could impact your future greatly. If your going to get accepted into a college, their going to look at your transcript. Having a low grade for your classes is not going to make you look desirable to them.

How to prepare for finals!

What are some good studying methods?

Start Early: You don't want to start studying the day of your exam, you cant cram all that into your head in one day, you should start at least a week before.

Organize: Make a list of things you want to accomplish everyday, study a little then give your self a mini review.

Outline: Use a highlighter or a marker to show important information on a review and make it stand out to you!

Get Help: If you are having a hard time understanding what is being taught to you, go to someone who can teach you. Go to a teacher or a friend you work well with.

Sleep: you need at least 7 hours of sleep at night to let your function, go to bed early! You wont be able to do good when your sleep-deprived.

Don't Rush: If you have been studying so long for this test, what is a few extra minutes on the exam going to do? Take your time and make your choices smartly.