William James


Born: January 11, 1842, New York City

  • Dead: August 26, 1910, Tamworth,NH

    He wrote many books. He attended Lawarence scientific school and Harvard for medical school and engineering/applied sciences. He wanted to be a artist. He married Alice Gibbens in 1878. They had five kids Henry, William, Herman, Margarent and Alexander. He lost He wife and son Herman to Whooping Cough. He serve in the Union army of the civil war. Became the most famous living American philosopher of his time.

  • Fun Fact:

    His brother Henry James is also a famous writer. He wrote The Portrait of a Lady (1881).

    Major Inpacks

    He pratice experimental pschology. He is called 'Father of American Psychology'. He wrote the first psychology text book. A founder of functional psychology. Harvard University professor who concluded that conscious experience cannot be broken down as the structuralists thought. He wrote the first modern psychology textbook, The Principles of Psychology. His approach was known as functionalism.