Walt Whitman Elementary

Weekly Communicator 11/16/2015 to 11/20/2015


  • Our attendance rate from August to November 10 was 947.6%. So far this year we have maintained an attendance rate that would qualify for the report card bonus points!!!
  • Our overall proficiency rate on the SRI in grades 3rd through 6th increased by 5%! 5th grade had the highest growth. They increased from 9% proficient to 26% proficient!! Great work!
  • Mrs. Chilcoat will be returning to school on November 30th!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped make the kickoff for our after-school program a huge success!

Baby Hornet Happenings


1. Our focus for this week is Writing Process and Asking for Help. Ms. Phillip's class will be in charge of Rise and Shine this week. Lesson plan for teaching this skill can be found in your Skill streaming books!

2. We will have a staff meeting in the library on Monday, November 16th at 3:15. Only teachers who teach reading need to attend this week. Ms. Blakney and I have to attend a training Monday afternoon. Ms. Ruthven will be leading our staff meeting.

3. Progress Reports will go out this week on November 18th. All grades should be entered by the 18th at 8:00 am.

4. The 5th grade Any Given Child field trip is on Tuesday, November 17th.

5. Grand Canyon University will be providing lunch in the lounge on Tuesday, November 17th.

6. Jennifer Gripado, our ILD and Dr. Dyce will be in the building part of morning on Wednesday, November 18th.

7. 5th Grade will be attending Starbase on Thursday, November 19th.

8. As we do classroom walk throughs, each classroom should have the following:

  • Vision/Mission/Core Beliefs
  • Data Trackers/Attendance Tracker
  • Prided Expectations/Interventions/Incentives
  • Use of LiveSchool
  • Daily Schedule/Agenda
  • Student Friendly Objectives

Big Goal:

By May 2016, all Whitman students will increase reading and math proficiency by 15% as measured by MAP/MPG, SRI or SMI.