Hostess Rewards Explained

Q4 2016 used for example - process is the same for current

Hostess Rewards

The Hostess Rewards Program is 100% company sponsored. In addition to having someone host a Jewelry Bar for you and earning the rewards themselves, you can also be your own Hostess and reap the rewards as well as do Mystery Hostess Jewelry Bars and give the rewards away to customers.

A qualifying Jewelry Bar (party) is 4 orders and $250+ in sales. NOTE: 1 of these 4 orders to qualify could be items the Hostess orders above her rewards (you would enter it in the Hostess Retail section). The Hostess also gets FREE Shipping on her order.

There are 3 parts to the Hostess Rewards:
- Free Product
- 50% off items
- Hostess Exclusive
*Also can select Kit Discount Credit if chooses to Join Your Team!

Depending on the level reached the hostess earns the rewards indicated on the chart. Note that each of the rewards are separate and therefore the free jewelry credit cannot be used to purchase the 50% off or Hostess Exclusive items.

Click here for the current Hostess Rewards Flyer.

Click here for social media image you can use of the current Hostess Exclusive.

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In the Jewelry Bar Tab of your back office it does calculate your Hostess Rewards for you, however in case you are calculating by hand at the Jewelry Bar itself here's a quick how to.

To calculate the Hostess Rewards, add up the subtotal (total before tax & shipping) of each guests order to get the Jewelry Bar total. Then review the chart above to determine the amount of rewards the hostess will receive.


The first column after the blue line is the amount of Free Product that the hostess can earn. Multiply the % earned by the Jewelry Bar Total. For instance, if the Jewelry Bar total was $550, multiply 20% x $550 = $110. So the hostess gets to choose up to $110 from our Take Out Menu (aka catalog) and get it free.


The next column is the amount of 1/2 off items that the hostess can earn. They can choose any item in the Take Out Menu to apply this discount to. In our $550 Jewelry Bar example, the hostess would get two 1/2 price items.

In addition to this reward, the hostess can also earn an additional 1/2 price item for each booking from her Jewelry Bar. You will need to enter in the new hostesses name and date in the system in order to get the hostess these additional 1/2 priced items.


The next column is the amount of discount they will receive on Hostess Exclusive. The Hostess Exclusive changes quarterly and includes all of the items shown on the flyer. To calculate the price, take the retail amount of the current exclusive item and multiply that by the discount for their reward level.
If the Jewelry Bar reaches $1,000+ then they receive the entire exclusive for FREE.
$750-$999 ~ 75% off the retail value ($99 * .25 = $24.75)
$500-$749 ~ 50% off the retail value ($99 * .50 = $49.50)

$250-$499 ~ 25% off the retail value ($99 * .75 = $74.25)

If your Hostess would like to start her own Origami Owl business, she can also use her rewards to purchase a starter kit Free or at a discount depending on the level reached.
Click here for a video showing you how to process using Hostess Starter Rewards in the system.

Few tips to maximize hostess rewards:

  • Enter any items over and above the hostesses rewards in the "Items Purchased at Retail" section of the Hostess Order to earn more hostess rewards and commission.

  • Make your "overage" as small as possible in the "Free Items" section of the Hostess Benefits to maximize rewards.

  • Double check amount due is what you calculated to ensure charging hostess the correct amount before processing.

If Customer places order and forgets to enter the Jewelry Bar code:

Just go to MyO2Orders in your Back Office and for orders that qualify you can assign them to a Jewelry Bar. Just look under the Order # on the left side of each order panel.

In order for a web order to qualify for assignment...
1. The order must belong to you
2. It cannot already be assigned to a JB
3. It must be in Shipped or Accepted status
4. It must be within 30 days of purchase date
5. It must be a customer online order (not a back office order)
6. You can only assign up to 30 orders a month
7. The qualifying order can only be assigned to a JB that was open prior to the order being placed

If an order shows as not qualifying you can hover over the question mark and it will tell you why it did not qualify. Back office orders will not have any availability information.

{Any questions?}

If you still have questions, contact your mentor and/or upline.