Teen Read Week Scavenger Hunt

Find the 10 answers, enter them in comments and print.

You may use the new card catalog, or if you are a power user of the library, ...just hunt

Locate the 10 answers for a possible prize. Put you answers in the pumpkin and we will draw for the winner at the end of the day.

What is the Title of the reference series in the R 031.02's ?

Locate the SC collection, find the book written by "Hitchcock" what genre of a book is it??

What is the title of the 4th Vol. of this R973.7 GRE series?

In the serie above, where would you find werewolves?

What is the first line of the book "Twilight"?

Where would you find the book "Profilers"?

Can you describe where the Professional Library is?

What section of the Dewey #'s would you find "Test Tube Mysteries...and Asmov's Guide to Science"?

Where would you start to look for "The Taking of Room 114?

What does it say on the back of the book "Twilight Zone Scripts"?