survive in the Canadian wilderness

Jade Pantoja


You need to carry things you think you might need , like for example Knifes , lighter , or matches , something you can sleep in , first aid kit , just in case you get hurt , and make your self a weapon . A weapon is very useful because you can kill animals and make them your meal

Extra Clothes

You need extra cloths , because your going to be there for a good time , and then your gonna get wet and dirty , and a lot of poison is in the wilderness


You need to make your self a shelter as soon as posible , because shelter is one of the inportant things you need to do in the wilderness


You need to keep calm , because you cant scream the reason that theres animals , and very dangerous animals . just keep calm


Once you get there you need food , food is one thing that wwill keep you alive , and you may even eat little animals/creatures


Use a campus to tell you where your going , and maybe will take you back where you came from , and take notes of the rivers

Fist aid kit

You need some first aid kit just encase you get hurt , there is a lot of creatures/animals that can harm you . A lot of sticks and rocks that you can trip and hurt your self .


WATER!! Water is a very important resource , You need to hydrate , your cells need water .Thats something you need to go find but you cant just drink any type of water , because theses a lot of things that can harm you in the wilderness water .

A Weapon

A weapon is very inportant , so you can catch animals to eat .

Or to protect your self

Learn how to make a fire

You need to make a fire , encase your lost you can send a sign that you need help going back home , or to make your self warm , and to make some food .
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learn how to make a fire