The Judicial Branch

By: Cassidy , Anieshia, Yvonne, and Charlotte

Responsibilities of the Supreme Court

The responsibilities of the Supreme Court is to consist of a Chief Justice and eight associate justices each with equal voting power. The head of the Judicial Branch is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decides whether a national or state law conflicts with the constitution.

Supreme Court Cases

Case #1: Crawford v. Marion County Board-constitutionality of requiring voters to show ID before voting. The Supreme Court upheld Indiana's law requiring voters to show a photo ID when casting a vote. (2008)

Case #2: Baze v. Reese -constitutionality of lethal injection protocols under the Eighth Amendment.-The Supreme Court upheld Kentucky's method of lethal injection as constitutional. (2008)

How A Case Makes It To The Supreme Court

A case makes it to the Supreme Court when it goes through local, state and federal courts and is appealed at all levels. The Justice that is assigned the region where the case comes from determines if it will be heard by the Supreme Court.