Art-Printmaking Experimentation

Video Resources

Chine Colle Printing Process with Oil Based Inks

Collograph Plates- A "Snake Landscape" Artist Demonstration

Printing a Linocut by "jesciahopper"

Relief printing using gradient and regular inking process.

Also see how to sign a print properly.

Monoprints -How to set up a registration of paper and plate for a two color print by Peggy Brady

Subtractive monoprints created with a plate registration system!

Gelli Brand- See how Monoprinting onto a gelatin surface is better than plexiglass!

Gelli plate- premade geletin like plates for monoprinting wit ink or acrylic paint.

Screen Printing with Stencils- A Two Color Print on Fabric by "PRINTCUTSEW"