IMLEA Monday Minute

March 5, 2018

Conference Update

Our special website for the conference is now live. You may also register and make hotel reservations.

To submit a proposal to present, please use this link. To suggest a session or presenter you would like to see, please use this form.

We are sharing this information early to help principals with budgeting, and to encourage our members to present.

March is...National Middle School Month, Women's History Month, Literacy Month.. and more

Many organizations feature literacy on their websites this month. Learning to Give has a toolkit for Serving-Learning projects related to literacy on their site. Reading is Fundamental has launched a new app today in conjunction with their "MiIlion Book March" campaign. While aimed more at K-5, any student can record books read.

Dollar General, a major donor to RIF, has many literacy grants that are available to K-12. Their Youth Literacy Grant in particular includes schools as recipients; those applications are due May 18 for up to $4000.

You say you haven't heard of National Middle School Month? Here are some resources from our national organization, AMLE.

It's Almost Pi Day!

There are many fun activities for Pi Day, which will occur next week on Wednesday. I have compiled various resources on this webpage, The NCTM website has additional activities for "March Mathness," including basketball, Daylight Savings Time, and St. Patrick's Day.

Summer Opportunities at Purdue: STEM TechFit & Middle School Science Teachers

TECHFIT is an acronym for Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists, which literally explains the objectives of this project. These PD programs equip teachers with a variety of practical STEM skills and fitness experiences, so they can innovate and implement a functional, prototype, technology-based, fitness game (exergame) of their own design. For more information on the Purdue segment of the program, to be held July 16-21, visit this webpage. The application can be found here. The program is free, with a paid stipend.

A workshop for middle school science teachers will be held June19-21. To sign up to receive more details, complete this form. (Does not commit you to attend)

Free Books from Bill Denney

Many of you may have attended professional learning presented by Bill Denney. Recently, we received this message from him, offering free books that he authored.

Free Books for all schools and individual educators who are members of IMLEA!

Over the course of my career in education, I authored six books. These books were sold during my 20 year career as an educational consultant. I am now giving these books away - free of charge. I am giving these books away as a mission or form of service. The education profession has been very good to me and now I am giving these books away free of charge as a small way of giving something back.

You can read the full text of his offer, including a description of the books, here.

Time's Up!

Feel free to forward this to staff or anyone else who might benefit from the content. As always, we welcome your contributions and suggestions!