Born To Be Wild

BY Tess Mueller

Real Life Story

In 2012, LEHIGHTON, PA - A 3-feet long pet ball python bit a four-year old child on the chest while she was playing with the snake. The 3 year olds family poisoned the snake to get it off of the child. One snake tooth was stuck on the skin ouch. Then the python involved in this incident, the family own three other pythons and two corn snakes.

Real life story

2011, ODESSA, TX - A 4-year old boy was mauled by a 12-year old pet mountain lion kept by his aunt in her backyard. He was taken to the hospital but his condition was unknown. The lion was euthanized following the incident. The aunt was cited for the lion not being up to date on vaccinations.

Dangers of people having exotic animals for pets

  • Tigers for example like to roam around in big areas of the wild. And lions like to sleep a lot of the day. Mountain lions like to kill thing that they see. All exotic animal that are being captive as pets need skilled handling. People think it is cute and nice that they, are get attached to the pet but the pet turns on them. About 6000-7000 tigers are held as private individuals they suffer due to poor care.

About Us

We are a loving and caring fund. We help the exotic animals not be kept as pets. We hope to get a generous donation from views like you.

Is It legal or Ilegal?

In Arizona you have to have a permit to have a exotic animal as a pet

They are not suppose to be having exotic animals as pets unless it comes into the country

The following species are restricted of wildlife-Carnivora (canines, felines, excluding domestic); orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, alligators, crocodiles, cobras, vipers, etc.

Also you can have a non-infant exotic animal as a pet-if the animal is free of zoo diseases

What does the impact have on the exotic pet?

Many pets or exotic animals are held captive and start attacking humans.

The invasive exotics cost the country more than $137 billion a year in damage and containment efforts. That is once every $8 of the food grown.
Most exotic animals go from house to house as young.

They don’t have companies to have with another species.

We can not provided for all the needs of and exotic animal or pet

What do the experts say.

The House of Representatives Subcommittee on Crime, is considering a Bill that would classify nonnative pythons, such as the Burmese python, as “Injurious Animals” and ban them from the United States.

What do the numbers say?

Around 5000-6000 tigers and other exotic animals are help captive.Around 90% of animals have salmonella in there body.


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