Sociology Final Project

By: Ethan Vose

Aspects of Culture

1. Every country and even different towns and cities in countries have different aspects of culture, whether it be the food they eat, the way they get around, or the kind of environment they live in.

2. Religion is also a very big aspect in many different cultures. It shapes peoples values and the way they act in everyday life.

3. The clothes people wear also have an effect on the shaping of a culture. People with similar culture tend to have the same fashion sense whether it be for religious reason or for climate.

4. Some cultures take more pride in education than others. A good education can be the main focus for children in different countries, while others may focus on other things.

5. Some countries may have cultures that have better access to fresh food instead of processed and fast food. This may show in the life expectancy

6. Languages are also one of the biggest biggest part of culture and they usually vary from country to country. Alphabets are also different between cultures teaching different letters. The language you are taught as a child sticks with you for the rest of your life and is always your primary language, so that is one aspect of culture that sticks with you even if you leave other aspects behind.

7. Ways to address and greet people are also very different between cultures but also very important. Something that may be seen as respectful in some cultures could be seen as an insult in others. such as burping after eating a meal. In many Asian cultures, bowing to someone is a formal way of greeting while a simple handshake is formal in the U.S.

8. Food is a big aspect of culture in many regions. Different cultures feel differently about food. Some take a lot of pride in it while others not so much. Food varies based on what is found in that country. Such as in Asian countries such as Vietnam, rice is a staple due to the fact that it grows very well in that climate. Like corn is a staple in the U.S because it grows very well in a western climate.

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Gender Roles

1. In Most societies, men and women have different roles as a couple,parents, and as individuals, solely on the basis of their gender.

3. Some gender roles are needed for men and women to coexist, but some can be lived without

2. In the U.S specifically, women have been seen has the parent who has to take care of the home and to take care of the children

3. The man is seen as the parent who goes to work every day to provide for his wife and kids and pay for the meals a guy goes on a date with a girl.

3. In most societies the man is seen as the provider and the woman is seen as a mother who cares for the children,

4. The idea of Gender roles in relationships spills into society as well. Though women have the same opportunities as men in this area of work, most men are business owners and CEOS in big companies.

5. Men are also legally obligated to apply for the draft when they turn 18 while women are not

6. A lot of Double standards with women and men are there for a reason to compliment the other because women and men are not different and some deserve certain things while others do not.

7. Women have been discriminated against throughout History though, with not being able to have the same jobs as men and not being able to vote until the 20th century.

8. in the 21st century, the roles of men and women are still different but should be, women and men have never been this equal before and it is a good time for women.

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Founding of Sociology

1. Sociology is based on 5 key concepts: Power,Functional Integration, Social action, Social Structure, and culture.

2. Power is the rule authority one person has over another person

3. Functional Integration is how a nation chooses to function and operate as a whole

4. Social Action is the overall reaction acquired by a situation happening in their society

5. Social Structure is the patterns and actions of people in their society.

6. Culture is a societies beliefs, religion, values, and norms as a whole.

7. There is not one single founder of Sociology, many people have dedicated their lives to discovering how societies operate and why they operate and change the way that they do.

8. The closest you could come to finding a single founder of society is Auguste Comte aka "The Father of Sociology" . He created the term sociology and his main concern was the improvement of Society.

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B. Some connections between the 3 topics discussed is that they all are about the way people live. Though they both touch different aspects of peoples lives and cover some aspects more thoroughly than others, they are all about the way people live because that is what sociology is mainly centered around.

c. Aspects of culture is applicable to my life because everyday I live, I live out different aspects of the culture I've been raised on every day. One aspect of my culture in Rochester that is different than other cultures is that I get to use a Chromebook at school everyday while other schools cultures do not allow them to or it is not available to them. Gender Roles is applicable to my life because I also live out gender roles and have seen first hand some of the differences in roles that men and women have in my society. The founding of Sociology also applies to my life because There are examples of each of the 5 key concepts of society in my life. I am seeing all of these things that are talked about in this class being carried out in my day to day life and it is very interesting.

D. Gender Roles is prominent in today's current events with the feminist uprising and how women want to be able to do everything men can do and want the exact same rights and respect as men. While respect cannot all the time be protested for, women and men have all of the same rights as each other in today's society. Aspects of culture is related to Historical events where aspects of culture are not really respected but taken control of and changes by stronger cultures, which was a very dark time in U.S History with some examples of the excavation of the Native American Population. The Founding of Sociology applies to the way people are acting today. Sociology has predicted the uproar from a lot of people in society today because history repeats itself so much that we have made a way of explaining it.

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