Medical Experiments

Most of the experiments that the Nazi's did were to make the chances of the German soldiers of surviving better. They experimented treatments of diseases and injuries.

Hypothermia Experiments

The Nazi doctors would put the Jews into large tanks of icy water for up to five hours at a time, or they were taken outside and strapped down to a stretcher naked. The Jews body temperature would have to drop to 79.7°F. Then the doctors would experiment of different ways to warm them back up.

After being out in the cold the victims were brought back inside and they had to sit under a sun lamp until they were sweating. The lamps were so hot that they would burn the peoples skin.


The Nazi doctors would heat the water up to a boiling temperature and then force the people to drink the water so it got into their stomach, bladder, and intestines. According to remember.org all the victims that this was tested on died.


The Jews were put into warm water and then the temperature was slowly increased.

High Altitude

They were put into low pressure chambers that simulated high altitudes. The doctors would monitor the Jews psychological response to the high altitude. Some people say that a doctor named Sigmund Rascher would dissect the people's brain while they were still alive. He wanted to prove that the sickness from high altitude was due to little air bubbles forming in blood vessels in parts of the brain.


Some of the doctors at one of the concentration camps wanted to find a way to make seawater drinkable. There were about 90 Gypsies that were forced to drink only seawater and they couldn't eat any food either. PBS's NOVA Online says that the Gypsies became so dehydrated that they licked the floors after they had been mopped just to get a drop of freshwater.

Disease Prevention


The Nazis wanted to know if people had a natural immunity to Tuberculosis. So they injected the bacteria into the lungs of the inmates.

They also did this with many other diseases, such as: Malaria, Yellow Fever, and Infectious Hepatitis.

Jacqueline Morgenstern

She was only 7 years old when they used her for the Tuberculosis test.

Genetic Tests

Twin Tests:

Dr. Josef Mengele performed many experiments on twins to find ways to more effectively multiply the German race. He would take body measurements of the twins then inject chloroform, a substance that makes people unconscious, into their heart.

War Test

The Nazis gave the inmates war like wounds, and then infected them to test if certain medicines were effective, and how effective they were. The doctors would aggravate the wounds, for example they would rub ground glass and wood shavings into the wounds. Then they would put the medicines into the wound.

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