All About Jesus Granados

All About Me

10 Things About Me

1.Likes to listen to music

2.Youngest of the family

3.Has only one sister

4.Likes to travel

5.Enjoys playing basketball

6.Hates being inside at home

7.Likes to do outdoor activities

8.Hangs out with friends

9.Likes to go fishing

10.Likes to be with his family

My Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment was when I was at a pool and I'd ran and slip.I was about 7 years old and It was during summer.It was summer time so the pool was full.I told my cousin i would race him to the pool.When I started running I slipped and fell to the ground and the people at the pool started laughing at me.

Additional Photographs

Questions I am often asked

Am I a quiet person ?

Do I play sports ?

What do I do for fun ?