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Malvolio (worker for Olivia) has been acting strange...

Weird Behavior

Malvolio, who is usually very serious and on task for Lady Olivia, has been acting questionable. For one thing, he is being very happy all of the time. People around Illyria think he is going crazy. I got the chance to have an interview with Malvolio and I agree with all these people. Read moe about that below
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Malvolio with Lady Olivia and Feste the fool

Our Interview with the madmen

Us: So, Why are you acting like a completely different person?

Malvolio: I don't know. Something just changed in me.

Us: Are you sure... is there maybe a special lady?

Malvolio: Well... yes, but we want to keep our relationship a secret.

Us: Well we are very happy for you and her, maybe soon we can get an interview with you and her.

Malvolio: I'm sure she would like that