Act 1 Scene 2

Jeffrey Bergeron


Paris wants to marry Juliet and asks Lord Capulet, but he doesn't want her to marry for 2 more years. Also Lord Capulet wants Juliet to marry for love not by force and asks Paris to come to there party to try and impress Juliet. Romeo helps the capulet servant read the invitation list and is accidently invited by the servant to the capulet party but decides to go because he saw his loves name, Rosaline, in the invitation. His friend Benvolio wants to Romeo to the party to show him that there are other women that are just as good as her. Romeo still doesn't loves Rosaline even though he has absolutely no chance to be with her.

List of Characters:



Lord Capulet



Why I chose this song

I chose Vermillion because this song has to do with unrequited love from the perspective of a damaged individual. At this point of this story Romeo loves a women who doesn't love him back but he can't stop thinking about her and wont let her go. He keeps on buying her gifts even though she rejects them every single time. He is also letting this get to his head and makes himself more and more depressed.