A Dream Come True Fallen Short

Billy Saltzman

My Hero

People dream to have the opportunity to play your favorite sport, the sport you spend countless hours of practice on for a division one college. Now add to that, being able to get an education from one of the most prominent schools in the country, it's a perfect situation. My dad Brian Saltzman shared his experience playing tennis for the Northwestern Wildcats, and his journey through his life of tennis up until his career ending injury.

Paddle Tennis

Brian Saltzman wasn't able to continue his tennis career after his injury but began playing competitive paddle tennis, an adapted version of tennis, very popular for adults. With his prior racket experience, he was able to be very good and play in the National Tournament numerous times.
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A Different View

I may be identical to millions of other rackets, but I am lucky enough to get to move with the swiftness of Brian. We have played countless matches, and tournaments, and sometimes he breaks my strings. But he fixes it every time, he just doesn't quit. That one match against Michigan, I heard a tear. Something was wrong, he began to not play up to his skill. Is it me? I knew or was bad when I wasn't picked up for months, my time might be over.