Ben Stiller

Biography by Josue E.

Ben stiller childhood

Ben stiller was born in 1965 November the 30.Ben stiller s parents where famous when he was born. A few years latter he was second son of the show business.He was cuddle by Rodney the famous comedian.He was learned how to sing by Gladys back up singer.He was raised,by hazel her house keeper.When he was 10 he moved to homemade plays.1970 he escaped programs in emergency and star sky and hutch.


He and his older sister Amy appear in Michael Douglass show.He graduated high school 1983. He had left his legacy of being a normal kid to pursue his mothers dreams.

Ben stelller adult now

Ben stiller has a family christen Taylor is his wife quin Dempsey stiller and Ella Olivia were his children .Ben stiller was married 2000. Benstiller had a show named after him it was in MTV 1976 to 198 it was taken off.He was an actor and a movie producer.

Why I choose this person

I choose this person because his movies are brilliant, funny ,and enetertaining He made the world laughter to his movies of zoo lander, night of the museum. He affected society to make the world a better place.