The Art Of

Bonsai Trees

Q&A {questions and answers}

Q. can bonsai trees be owened by normal families.

A.yes normal families can have bonsai trees it is a sign that you are wealthy.

Q.can bonsai trees go outside

A.yes bonsai trees are for mainly for living outside it is good for the leaves but you must water it daily

Fun Facts about bonsai trees

5 fun facts

#1 Bonsai cultivation {farming} is nearly 2,000 years old!!!!!!! Bonsai trees have been seen in records dating back to the early ages of japan.
#2 Chinese and Japanese bonsai are very different. Japanese bonsai growers tend to favor more natural looking varieties in order to replicate the look of a tree in its natural environment while Chinese bonsai trees look different because the growers of them let them grow freely and prune at the end.
#3 Bonsai trees are one of the most used and plant gifts on the market today, but it takes a special temperature and plenty of trial and error to grow them effectively.
#4 Bonsai The word is pronounced "bone-sigh" In Japanese, bonsai can be literally translated as tray planting.
#5 china created the art of bonsai trees but the Japanese copied and changed it to be different