Proper Nutrition For Preschoolers

By: Erika Hansen

  • child can now eat what the rest of the family eats
  • can include: vegetables, fruit, low fat/sodium, lean meats (turkey, chicken, fish)
  • serving should be smaller than adults
  • child should not watch TV more than 22 hours a week
  • keep your house stocked with health nutritious food
  • desserts should be served in moderation

Tips For Picky Eaters and Preschoolers

Respect Your Child's Appetite
  • Sometimes they are just not hungry
  • Don't force them to eat
Stick With A Routine
  • serve meals and snack at the same time
  • helps children manage how much they should eat
  • offer water rather than juice in between meals and snack
Be Patient With New Foods
  • different taste, texture, smell, and color
  • may not like it the 1st time
Make it Fun!
  • serve food with a dip
  • cut them into fun shapes
Let Your Preschooler Help You
  • let them pick out their own food
  • they are more likely to eat what they picked out
  • allow them to help you prepare meals
Set a Good Example
  • preschoolers copy what their adults and older siblings do
Be Creative!
  • sneak some shredded veggies into soups, casseroles, and even spaghetti
Minimize Distractions
  • Turn off the TV
  • Put away the phones and electronics
Don't offer Dessert as a Reward
  • shows that dessert is the best
  • offer fruit or yogurt as a "dessert"
Don't be a Short Order Cook
  • this helps promote picky eaters