Wonder of the day...

Why are dogs color blind?

Have you ever wondered...

  • What colors do dogs see?
  • Why can't they see like we do?
  • Why is this beneficial to them?

The explanation...

Dogs aren't completely color blind, but they see like a person who is red/green color blind. For example, dogs see red as a dark, brownish color. They see green, orange, and yellow as a sort of yellow-ish shade. This is all because of they way their eyes receive light.

The rods and cones in their retinas may not be as sensitive to color, but they are more sensitive to light/dark changes, shape, and movement. They also have a reflective membrane called the tapetum that allows more light into their eye. This allows them to be better able to see in the dark.

All of these specific ways of seeing are essential to hunting. They can see better in the dark to hunt their prey and also can see movements much better.
Can Dogs See Color?

Try it!

  • Look up color blindness tests and try them out. Try and see how well you do.
  • Do some research for yourself and make some connections. For example, why can hunters wear orange vests?
  • Investigate the origins of your favorite breed of dog. Where did they live? How did they hunt? Why does it make sense for their vision to operate the way it does?