Español 2

Week 17 of 18

The rest of the semester ....

  • Units 5-8 will stay open until 12/31 at midnight. They will then close and students will not be able to access the assignments.
  • Please encourage any student that is behind to catch up during the break. They have all of the tools that they need to be successful in the course. Daily I have posted learning blocks which can help them review the material.
  • The final exam will open automatically for all students once they complete Unidad 8 Lección 3 escuchar.
  • The final exam and course will close on Friday 1/8/16.
  • Extra credit is available in the course. They assignments are labeled as BBC Mi Vida Loca.

Winter Break

I hope that everyone has a wonderful winter break.

During the holiday, I will be working on grading assignments that have been submitted. But, I will not be working daily. Messages, emails or text messages might not be responded to until January 4, 2016.

Final Exam

There are two parts to the final exam.
  • Final exam = 43 questions. This must be completed when it is opened. It cannot be saved for later.
  • Final Project -- this is a project with written Spanish, spoken Spanish and a lot of reflection in English. It is very important that students follow the directions. There are two parts to the project and very detailed information on what has to be included.

How grades are calculated ....

1st quarter grade = 37.5%
2nd quarter grade = 37.5 %
Final exam = 25 %