by: Gracie. I, Gracie.H, & Jovanna. M

How did it originate?

"Hinduism developed from the religion that the Aryans brought to India..." The Verdes is what Hinduism is based on.

Where did it originate?

It originated when the Aryans came to India in 1500 BC, they brought a undeveloped version of this religion with them. The religion bases its practices on the Verdes, a collection of hyme's and stories (a collection of history).

Where has it spread?

It began in India and spread to Africa when asians came for work which spread there religion.

Hinduism didn't spread like Christianity did because the Hidu's believe that there religion isn't the only way to God.

Basic Beliefs

-Many people in this religion circa the birth of Christ adapted to the idea of monotheism.

-Truth is eternal

-Brahman is truth and reality

-The Vedas is the ultimate authority

-souls are immortal

Leaders/ Prophets


-The hindu's believe that some things that Muhammad said.

- There are no prophets. There are only avatars who are incarnations of deities or god himself. There are found in places such as the underworld believed to be there for special purposes.

Past events

-320 BC- maurya empire founded

-500 BC- Epics and puranas are written.

-1500BC - Vedic age begins

-1600 BC- Aryan invasion begins

Basic history

The history of hinduism overlaps with the development with other Indian religions.
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