Wires animals

By Ella Hedderman

What does wires do to help.

Wires help all wildlife from large to small that are sick, injured or lost some way or another. Once the the unfortunate animal is found they are taken to a vet like place where they are fixed and cared for. Then once they are better happy they are taken back out to the wild or a better habitat where they will be happy and with family.

Who Wires help.

Wires help a large range of animals all from the wild who need people's protection ,love and care/help. wires are a group of very caring and loving people who help all wildlife when they are in need of there services. wires love doing there job maturely so that is why only 2% of the animals in there care have sadly not survived.

where they operate.

Wires operate all over Australia but a few of their centers are in NSW, Northern Queensland, Central Queensland and a lot more which would take an hour or more to name. animals are a giant thing to Australia and that is why they operate in so many places so that everyone can get there in a short time.