Cold/Flu season 101

By: Jordan H.

All about Colds

Colds - They are not fevers so do not worry. All they come with is just sneezing, runny nose,and coughing. Look at the picture below see the mucus in her nose :o :(
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Flu - They are fevers and they spread. The side effects are stomach ace, high fever,and vomiting. look below and see the flu virus particle.
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Sleeves during Winter

Make sure you wear pants and sleeves when you go some where outside with a jacket. Look at the picture below. ( long sleeve shirt black and white).
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sorry I hope I sneezed in my elbow. If you do not sneeze or cough in your elbow you could spread GERMS. look at the picture of the germs in the petri dish.

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Do not share utensils

Also, around these times do not share things that goes in your mouth. Or else you get that person sick.

To conclude

make sure you wash your hands after playing, after and before eating, and when you put your hands in your mouth ( please do not put your hands in your mouth. Also, after you use the bathroom not joking) :)