Coping with Uncertainty

For Families of Children with Disabilities

Parents and other caregivers play a critical role in helping children cope with crises, often ignoring their own needs in the process. However, caregivers must take good care of themselves so they are able to take good care of the children in their charge. Below is a collection of resources that are designed to help support both caregivers and children during this unprecedented time.

Our school based mental health partner, Vida Clinic, is offering teletherapy services to the Austin ISD community beginning Wednesday, Mar. 18. These services will allow adults and students to access quality mental health services right from their own homes. To learn more or schedule services, contact our Vida Clinic Care Team at 512-518-2209 or by email at

Additional resources to support parents, caregivers and children are given below.

Self-Care Resources for Parents and Caregivers

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Vela Parent SPED Support Resources and Self-Care Groups

Vela is a non-profit support network for families of children with special needs

Care for Caregivers: Tips for Families and Educators

Caring for yourself so you can then care for others

Support for Parents and Anyone Who Works With Children

SEL resources to plan activities at home, and manage stress and anxiety

Resources to Support Your Children

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Resources for Learning From Home

A free collection of the best online learning experiences for kids

Engagement and Motivation

Learn research based approaches to successfully engage and motivate your child

Supporting Kids with anxiety

Researched based interventions and supports

SEL Lessons for Students at Home

Classes are targeted toward elementary school-aged children (K-5) and their parents/caregivers.

Appropriate Praise and Rewards

Strategies for motivating children in a positive and productive ways

Parent Tool Kit

Research shows those with higher social-emotional skills have better attention skills, fewer learning problems, and are generally more successful in academic and workplace settings. These skills can be taught and grown over time.

Coping with change

Tools for supporting children

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

NY Times article to support conversations at home

Facts about Coronavirus for Kids

Brain Pop video helps to explain coronavirus to kids

Additional Resources

Please visit these additional resources for more information about taking care of yourself and your loved ones during this challenging time.
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Mindful AISD YouTube Channel

This Mindful AISD YouTube consists of over 30 videos and growing.

Stop, Breathe, Think

Four ways to ease Coronavirus anxiety


Free meditation links

Sounds True

Resiliance in Challenging Times


Mindful music moments

Mindfulness Exercices

Browse acollection of free mindfulness trainings, meditation scripts and mindfulness worksheets

Daily Mindfulness and Compassion session

UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Mind Oasis

Community Meditation makes starting and maintaining a practice fun and easy.