Wondering about those Wildcats 2021

Updates and information about our Silliman Wildcats

A Word from the Principal

With the end of the semester in two short weeks, I have encouraged students to be mindful of their preparations for their mid-term exams. Beginning Wednesday, December 10 our teachers will no longer assign tests or projects as we prepare for the upcoming exams. The mid-term exams will begin on Tuesday, December 14, and conclude on Friday, December 17th. We will have early dismissal on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week. Dismissal time on those days will be at 11:25. For the first time, we will allow students in grades 7-12 to earn exemptions from their mid-term exams. A student must have earned an “A” for both first-semester nine-week grades to earn this exemption. Students will be notified of exemptions on December 10th. We will be on our Christmas Break from Monday, December 20th through January 3rd. Our students will return on January 4th.

Because this is a time of the year that we often get so busy in our daily lives that we can forget to thank God for the birth of his son. Therefore, I would like to offer a prayer to help us remember what is most important!

Thank you, God, for sending Your Son on one glorious night to be born of a virgin, to live a perfect life, and to die on the cross for my sins. Thank you that he rose from the dead three days later and that this Christmas and every Christmas we can celebrate the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

From all of the faculty and staff at Silliman, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year that is filled with peace and joy. - Kevin Lemoine

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MId - Term Exam Schedule

Tuesday (12/14/21)

7th Period (1:40-3:10)

Wednesday (12/15/21)

1st period (8:05-9:35)

6th period (9:55-11:25)

Thursday (12/16/21)

2nd period (8:05-9:35)

5th Period (9:55-11:25)

Friday (12/17/21)

3rd period (8:05-9:35)

4th period (9:55-11:25)

Half-Day Schedule

First Testing Period 8:00 - 9:35

Recess 9:35 - 9:50

Second Testing Period 9:55 – 11:25

Dismissal 11:25

Midterm Exemption Requirements (from the Handbook)


1. Students in grades 7-12 are eligible for Final Exam exemption.

2. It is at the discretion of the teacher to participate in the exemption process. Students

will be informed of the teacher’s decision not to participate at the beginning of each

school year.

3. A student must have an “A” for each 9-weeks in order to be exempt for the first

semester or final exam.

4. Students who have placed 1st or 2nd in one of the academic rallies in which Silliman

participates may be exempt from taking the final exam in that subject, at the

discretion of the administration.

5. Though a student may meet these criteria, the exemption is at the discretion of the


6. Students who qualify for exemptions must have a signed parent consent form prior to

the administration of the exam.

The Book Fair

Silliman had it's Annual Book Fair. Students were able to shop for books. We also had Grandparent's night on November 30th and December 1st which was a huge success. Thank you Silliman Institute for supporting our library.
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Grandparent Day

1st and 2nd Grade Christmas Play

Next Wednesday, December 8th, we will have our 1st and 2nd grade Christmas play in the auditorium beginning at 9:00 a.m. for the elementary students and 6:30 p.m. for parents. The evening event will be followed (approximately 7:15) by a live nativity scene, the lighting of our Christmas tree on the front lawn, and the singing of Christmas carols.
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The high school and middle school students are enjoying Monday chapel once more. Chapel is organized by our Chapel Committee, led by Bridget Richards. The Chapel Committee is a group of 10th - 12th grade Silliman students that pray over students and staff, share testimonies, and reach out to students. We have different pastors from around the area worshiping with us each week. Thanks to Bridget Richards for organizing and Justen Taylor for leading our worship.

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In the Classroom

Mrs. Gray's Earth Science Class

Eighth grade students completed a Spaghetti Earthquake Tower STEM Project to close out their Earth Science unit on Natural Hazards. Students researched earthquake-proof engineering designs, then used the engineering techniques to build their towers. The towers were built from uncooked spaghetti, mini marshmallows, large marshmallows, and masking tape. Great job, 8th graders!!

Mrs. Gray's 7th grade Science Class

Students in 7th grade complete a lab to determine if blinking is voluntary or involuntary as part of their unit on the human body systems.

Art History with Mrs. Andress

The Fine Arts/Art History class, after studying the Medieval Period of art, chose to build a model of Notre Dame de Paris. Using a kit, they constructed the lighted model in two class periods, flying buttresses included!

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Silliman's Thanksgiving Balloon Parade

Silliman celebrated their 2nd annual Thanksgiving Day Balloon Parade. Students showed off their creativity by designing balloons for the parade. After the parade, the students had a picnic on the grounds.

Spelling Bee

The spelling bee was a huge success. The students worked hard learning their words and several classes spelled all of their assigned words. Great job Elementary Students.
Sports Pictures

Did you know we have a Shutterfly Picture Sharing Site? All pictures from picture day and Senior Night are available. Please click the link and it will send you to a site. Password is sillimanyearbook.