Don't drill our oil there is Risks

Drilling are oil could destroy all are habitats


Why would the oil company want to come here? Because they are greedy. If they want to drill here in my homeland I demand that the oil will be for Alaska and Alaska only. Why would we want an oil rig here if we cant even use it. Plus what about if an oil spill does happen again what are we gonna do. Sit back and do nothing, I don't think so. I will call every Agency in America to sue the company for all it has. Maybe even put it out of business. It is just to much of a risk to put the oil rig here. This is my homeland and I don't want some oil rig put in my town because of these greedy oil people. I mean REALLY don't they have enough oil rigs in the US. Also why would they, thats right THEMSELVES want to even risk the destruction of habitats and animals.