OAISD EL/ML Newsletter

August 2022

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New English/ Multilingual Learner Newsletter Format

Welcome back to the new school year. I hope that this newsletter finds you refreshed and ready for the year ahead. I am excited to have all of you back and feel grateful to work with such an amazing group of people. This year you will find the information related to English/ Multilingual learners arriving in your mailbox in the form of a newsletter. I hope that this is an easy format to access current information and to refer back to when needed. Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of us in the EL/ ML team at the ISD. We are looking forward to serving you.

Meet your English learner/ Multilingual learner Team

Resources to start the School Year

Would you like EL coaching in your district?

NEW: EL coaching cycles include up to 12 SCECHs


EL coaching includes coaching cycles around the elements of examine, learn, grow, and reflect. These coaching cycles include one-on-one meetings and classroom support. Meetings may include goal setting, co-planning, reflection, microlearning, data analysis, or student case study. Classroom support may include modeling, data collection, or co-teaching.


Coaching can occur anytime the coachee is available- before/ after school, during planning time, release time, professional learning time, etc.


Coaching duration typically lasts 6-8 weeks and includes meetings up to twice per week and classroom support once every 1-2 weeks. Teachers can participate in the coaching process multiple times throughout the year.


The EL coach will meet with the coachee wherever it is most convenient for them, including in their school building, on Zoom, or an alternate location.

Join us for a full day of learning on October 12th. Sign up for both, Els and Special Ed. in the morning and EL Connect in the afternoon, and we will provide you lunch in between.

ELs and Special Education: Using the Tools for Separating Difference from Disability

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 8:30-11:30am

13565 Port Sheldon Street

Holland, MI

Sign up link


English Learners are the fastest growing student group in the U.S. Across Michigan, districts are over- and under- identifying English Learners as students with disabilities. It is likely that you will be called upon to problem solve about an English Learner with learning difficulties.

We will be utilizing the MDE and Oakland Separating Difference from Disability models.

Bring a team and come learn how to use the tools embedded in the Oakland PD and participate in case studies or bring your own student information to work with.


EL Connect

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 1-3pm

13565 Port Sheldon Street

Holland, MI

EL Connect sign up link


EL Connect is a collaborative and supportive group of EL teachers, specialists, and coordinators serving our multilingual students and families throughout West Michigan. This group comes together throughout the year to grow and share expertise around both technical and adaptive challenges unique to EL Programs in a variety of contexts.

This will include a book study on the topic of working with Newcomers.

Supporting Newcomer Students: Advocacy and Instruction for English Learners

by Katharine Davies Samway (Author), Lucinda Pease-Alvarez (Author), Laura Alvarez (Author)

Ongoing series:

In person: 1pm-3pm

Wednesday, Oct. 12th

Tuesday, Jan. 24th

Virtual: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Wednesday, Nov. 16th

Wednesday, April 19th


$30 for the book (purchase optional)


Talking Points Language Translation App.

This video was made by our ISD coach, Tiffany Craigie, to explain how to use the Talking Points app.

A few quick facts about Talking Points:

  • Free to teachers
  • Translates into over 100 different languages
  • Families receive translated messages on their smartphones as a text message
  • Families can text you back in any language and you will receive the message in English
  • Families never see the teacher's phone number.

Kent ISD Offering

Refugee 101 & 201: What Schools Need to Know

West Michigan has been a major hub for refugee resettlement for decades and continues to welcome large numbers of new neighbors into our communities and schools. Sessions are offered in person and virtually with Hannah from the Refugee Education Center (fall 2022 and February 2023).

101: This session is geared toward school staff looking to learn the basics of how students arrive in our classrooms, and how to help them feel welcomed and ready for success. Topics covered include the refugee resettlement process, community supports for integration, and essential tips for creating a welcoming environment for new students.

Register - 10/25/22 @ 10am (in person) or 1pm (virtual)

Register - 02/07/23 @ 10am (in person) or 1pm (virtual)

201: This session is geared toward school staff who have experience working with refugee children and want a deeper understanding of the refugee resettlement process and community supports for integration. This session will also include a deep discussion of major barriers refugee students face in education and ways we can work to ease those barriers.

Register - 11/08/22 @ 10am (in person) or 1pm (virtual)

Register - 02/21/23 @ 10am (in person) or 1pm (virtual)