Something Special

From the Office of Student Services

Thanksgiving and An Attitude of Gratitude

Now, in the afterglow of Thanksgiving I would like to take a moment to express how thankful I am to work in such a great district with caring, dedicated people. Thank you to all of you for your hard work. Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Medical Front

Medical Emergencies and Calling an Ambulance

PLEASE NOTE: When calling an ambulance to your building please notify the Office of Student Services NOT the Superintendent's office. Information regarding medical emergencies is disseminated through our office. We appreciate your attention to this detail.

Authorization to Administer Medication

There has been some confusion about who should have copies of the authorization to administer medication form when it is turned in at the building. From now on, please keep one copy in the building and send one copy to Jamie Dilworth at Student Services. There is no need to make or send any additional copies. In preparation for Balanced Calendar and having students attending buildings during intersession that are not their normal building we want to have one set of those forms in a central location. There is never a need for those forms to go to the business office. We want to make sure that with this type of private medical information that we are not over duplicating and sharing so please be aware of that. Please make sure the appropriate people know of this procedure in your building.

Medical Emergency Drills

As you will recall, school nurse, Megan Rule, started doing medical emergency drills last year in each of our buildings. Like me, most of you came to the conclusion that it is more likely that we will be faced with a medical emergency than any other type so these drills were and are very worthwhile. Megan was able to get through all of the buildings prior to Thanksgiving break and everyone did a great job. Please continue to make it a practice to revisit emergency procedures from time to time with staff and MERT teams. Remember, practice makes permanent - how we practice things is eventually how we will perform them. Thank you for your diligence to student and staff safety.

Student Needs

Speak It by Google

Google Speak It is an app for Chrome Books. It works by highlighting or selecting the text then right clicking on it and choosing Speakit and the text is then read aloud. In the settings you can change the speaking rate and you can even change the language (helpful ESL kids?)

Any student or teacher can download the extension from the chrome web store as long as they are logged into their Davison Google account.

Just go to the store, search Speakit. Click the blue button to add to chrome.