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BC weekday

"If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn" Unknown

Hello People,

Parents, hope all of you reveived the email that Dani Smith sent you guys last Wednesday explaining the Teacher's schedule for the infants class. Lots of good news, isn't it? Yes, we got Ms. Monica! We are very happy about it! She is a wonderful addition to our class. The sad part is, we lost Gabby!!!! We are very glad for the time that she stayed with us. Lucky toddlers.

Thank you Gabby for all you have done for us. Don't forget to come visit at any time. We still need your advice.


As always we had a wonderful week. We had lots of nite nite but we also got busy.

The kids enjoyed music class with Ms. Cyndy.

Ms. Gabby made some new signs to them as a stimulus to vision, and they also had lots of tummy time. Ms. Joni, Ms. Monica, Ms. Makeisha, and I had a great time entertaining our babies, since they are now more interested in the world. We know that a secure and stable relationship with us will help them a lot on their normal development.

Baby Ben got sick and we missed him. Please Ben, come back Monday.


Thank you parents for making time in your busy schedules to have breakfast with us last Tuesday. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. We loved getting to know you guys better. We may have it again soon and I promise to bake the cheese rolls again.


- You can count on us;

- Be flexible;

- Use labels

- We are open anytime to better assist you and your precious baby.

Have a wonderful night.

Priscilla, Monica and Joni